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Swarthmoor Hall often provides the base from which people on a Quaker pilgrimage travel to sites in the North West of England. In this region, known as ‘1652 Country', George Fox gathered many of the first Quakers. There are also numerous places associated with 17th century Quakerism.

Friends from around the world find their faith strengthened by visiting these places of significance in Quaker history.

A Quaker Life cluster of Friends has been established to assist in the co-ordination of such visits. Those coming to the area are offered advice about their programme and are given the opportunity to meet Friends who live and work here. They learn how Quaker origins impact on Friends' outlook and work today. Pilgrimages can include guided tours and talks as appropriate.

Groups come from all over the world. Others come from local meetings, Quaker schools and other Quaker groups in the UK. Feedback from previous occasions has shown that people who arrange their pilgrimage with the help of the cluster have a very satisfying experience.

Individuals can join one of the "In Fox's Footsteps" pilgrimages that are organised as part of the Swarthmoor Hall programme of events. Considering coming in 2018? Have a look at our new brochure "In Fox's Footsteps: Planning 1652 Country Quaker Pilgrimages" or write to or complete our Booking Form.

Pilgrimage is much more than simply a trip to view our Quaker heritage; it is an opportunity to participate in a spiritual journey.

For advice on planning your own pilgrimage please contact the Pilgrimage Coordinator, Tamsin Miller: