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The Hall

Swarthmoor Hall is a 16th century country house set in beautiful gardens and grounds in 130 acres of farmland. Visitors comment on its sense of place – of the people who have lived here, its tranquillity and beauty.

Swarthmoor Hall has a special story to tell, one which has particular significance for Quakers. A local writer recently said of the Hall:

"The fictional dramas of Downton Abbey seem relatively tame to the actual events in Swarthmoor Hall’s history. The birthplace of the Quaker movement has all the elements of a great screenplay: love, conflict, conviction and passion."
-Jo Davies, Editor, North-West Evening Mail

It is known as the cradle of Quakerism because in the mid-17th century Judge Thomas Fell and his wife Margaret provided protection and hospitality for early Quakers, notably George Fox (its founding father) and allowed the Hall to be a headquarters for the movement.


There are six historic rooms to view. They house a fine selection of 17th century furniture as well as items associated with early Quaker history.

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