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Swarthmoor Hall’s ‘In Fox’s footsteps: 1652 Quaker pilgrimages’, Monday 17 – Friday 21 August 2020


Swarthmoor Hall organises two five-day pilgrimages every year, in early and late summer. These are open to individuals, couples or groups of Friends. The pilgrimages visit most of the early Quaker sites and allow individuals to become part of an organised pilgrimage and worshipping group. A minibus or small coach is used to travel to the different sites.

Each pilgrimage has an experienced guide. These pilgrimages are offered at full board in ensuite accommodation.

A guided, residential event for anyone who wants to learn about the early history of Quakerism and how it relates to the faith today. On Monday, an introductory talk will give a background to the happenings of 1652. There will be an opportunity to climb Pendle Hill and experience a meeting for worship at the top. The pilgrimage will also include a visit to: Brigflatts, Firbank Fell and the Quaker Tapestry (Wednesday); Lancaster Jail and Sunbrick Burial Ground (Thursday); and Swarthmoor Meeting House (Friday). A tour of Swarthmoor Hall itself will take place during the pilgrimage.

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17th August 2020
21st August 2020
4:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Swarthmoor Hall, Swarthmoor, United Kingdom   View map
01229 583204




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