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Restoration and Development at Swarthmoor Hall

We have started a program of development and restoration at Swarthmoor Hall which will continue throughout 2022. The restoration will ensure that Swarthmoor Hall can continue to serve as a spiritual, inspirational and educational site and make it more relatable, inclusive and engaging with the wider community.

The work will:

  • Remodel the current visitor car park facilities so that the car park is both in keeping with the historical integrity of the site, whilst also increasing visitor capacity and accessibility to the Hall
  • Repair the interior of the historic hall

Work is progressing well on the car park. Fully sustainable materials are being used for the parking surfaces and the new car park layout will enhance the immediate setting around the Grade II listed Hall keeping it quieter, safer and visually clear of parked cars.

As part of our Quaker commitment to sustainability we will install electric charging points as part of the new parking scheme.

For health & safety reasons the whole site remains closed whilst restoration and development is underway. We look forward to welcoming you back to the historic hall, café, grounds, conference facilities and accommodation when the work is completed.

If you have any queries please contact us on