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Unleash the magic of Swarthmoor Hall for your film or video production

Swarthmoor Hall offers an unparalleled ambience. Steeped in history, this 17th-century house and its enchanting grounds create an exquisite backdrop for your cinematic vision. Are you searching for a captivating setting for a period drama, or perhaps a remarkable location for a TV show? Look no further. Swarthmoor Hall has already been featured on BBC One’s Antiques Road Trip.

Why choose Swarthmoor Hall for your production?

Historical elegance: Our beautifully preserved historic house is the epitome of charm and authenticity. Whether you’re crafting a period movie or seeking a unique setting, Swarthmoor Hall is the ideal canvas for your creative projects.
Natural beauty: Set amid vibrant gardens and tranquil grounds, Swarthmoor Hall offers natural serenity. Capture the essence of your story against a backdrop of rolling lawns and pristine landscapes.
Convenience: During filming your production crew can stay in our on-site accommodation, and our amenities include an accessible and spacious car park.

Bring your vision to life

Ready to turn your creative vision into a reality? Swarthmoor Hall welcomes filmmakers and production teams to share their innovative ideas with us. We’re here to collaborate and explore how our unique venue can bring your project to life. Contact us today to discuss the possibilities, share your creative ideas, and see how we can make your film or video dreams come true.

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