The Hall is a significant location for Quaker history. George Fox first visited Swarthmoor Hall in 1652, when it was the home of Margaret Fell and her husband Thomas, a judge. People from all over the world find they are rejuvenated by visiting Swarthmoor Hall and neighbouring places of significance, such as Pendle Hill and Firbank Fell.

We hold two programmed Pilgrimages a year, both between May and August. They each last for five days.

You can also organise your own, bespoke Quaker Pilgrimage to Swarthmoor Hall, for up to five days. We can help you plan transport, places to visit, catering and activities (a small administrative charge applies to bespoke packages).  Click the link to view our pilgrimage brochure.

Anyone is welcome to join a Pilgrimage at Swarthmoor Hall.

Programmed Pilgrimages

Create Your Own Pilgrimage